Downtown, Uptown ::


Today was my first full day in Manhattan. I slept in for a change, but after breakfast jumped right into the job search with Amanda by my side. Between the 42 jobs I'll be applying for tomorrow, I memorized my subway route to my part-time retail job interview and started picking out what I was going to wear. I found the subway station all right, chanting the directions in my head and trying not to come off as a crazy person whispering to herself, and had a bit of trouble purchasing my first metro card. At one point two girls asked me if the A train ran downtown and I confidently said, "Why yes it does!" They didn't suspect a thing.

There's this rule that says be wary of empty subway cars. Apparently if a car is empty that means one of two things: either a homeless person is inhabiting and stinking up the place or a homeless person has just left and the BO still resonates. I almost walked into an empty car until the lady in front of me made a quick dash for the car next to it. I followed suit.

Once back up top, breathing in the "fresh" air, I walked toward the Lincoln Center and had to have my Center Stage moment. If only Ethan Steifel were around to, "help me with my bags." I got turned around and ended up asking a security guard where to go. He looked at me and laughed but then finally pointed me to the right direction. 15 minutes early, I tried to act like I wasn't a tourist and pretended to shop the store before the interview.

I got the job. Yay!

After the interview, I followed Amanda's advice and just started walking in hopes that a Starbucks would suddenly appear. It did. I killed some time with a mocha frappuccino, wandering aimlesly but putting on the air that I did in fact know where I was heading despite me circling the block twice due to my directional indecision. Thankfully, I soon met up with Amanda and we walked around the Upper West Side. We stall shopped at a flea market, smelled the wonderful aroma of a certain bakery we would visit later, and finally made our way to Shake Shack. There I had the most delicious shake I have ever tasted in my entire life. No joke. It was called the Fair Shake and per the menu description was a, "Vanilla shake spun with 100% certified organic Arabica fairly traded coffee." I about died. Lastly, we stood in line at Levain Bakery and bought two monster cookies for the trip home via Columbus Cir. I mentally noted all the movie theatres we passed and we managed to walk 50 feet into Central Park before turning around and taking the Subway home.

Tomorrow will be a new day full of cover letter writing, resume editing, and an Intro to After Effects class that I'm really excited for.

Hello New York City ::


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to celebrate my 25th birthday in a new city. Well, apparently the NYR Fairy got the message wrong, and through a series of events, I have now found myself living in New York City days before I turn 24.

I am grateful for my good friends Rebecca and Amanda to welcome me with open arms into their amazing apartment in this great city. While I’m here, I’ll be hopefully working some retail to have some sort of income and applying like mad for full time positions all over the city. Perhaps I’ll even run into the likes of Tina Fey or Amy Poehler while I’m at it.

These next few months are going to be interesting ones. They’ll be full of hope, frustration and opportunity. I just pray something positive is waiting for me at the end of this road.

But enough with the sappy hopes and dreams that I wish to obtain in the near future.

My first day in New York was amazing. The sky was clear and blue, and the high couldn’t have been above the low 60s; my kind of day. After depositing my luggage, Rebecca, Amanda and I went for a beautiful walk in TryonPark where we’re 99.9% sure we spotted Aubrey Plaza (April on “Parks and Recreation”) participating in a wedding. Then we wandered down toward New Leaf, where Matt Damon and Emily Blunt stole a quick lunch with one another in The Adjustment Bureau. From there we had dinner at a local restaurant then retired to the apartment to listen to music, learn about the different neighborhoods and boroughs of Manhattan, and to work on my confidence in battling the subway. I also learned that one does not go to the Target in the Bronx despite their strong desire to do so.


In the end I was tired and exhausted and immediately fell asleep when my head hit that glorious pillow.

Oh, and we also spotted a Google Street Car! 


How Will I Know ::

In the last 24hrs I've stumbled upon two great covers of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know." The first came via TV Line and their reporting of Glee doing an acapella version. The second came from a friend's Facebook post, and to quote, "This might add 1,000 points to my already alarmingly high hipster tally, but I'll take 'em because I love this cover." I concur friend. Enjoy them both below ::


[movie] trailer tuesday ::

Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo and Jeff Daniels, is about time traveling assassins. But what if you were sent through time to kill your future self? Looks promising.