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Every once in a while, Rainy Day Books will bring in someone amazing. Tonight, this amazing person was Jodi Picoult. I read a lot of her books in high school and into college, and couldn’t wait to hear her speak. She’s currently touring the country promoting her latest novel, Lone Wolf, and it was interesting to hear her speak about her formal training, writing process, and how much fun the research can be for her books. 

She talked about how her books have morphed into movie adaptations, most notoriously of them being My Sister’s Keeper. She described signing her creative rights away when it came to the movies and how it was like giving a baby girl up for adoption. Picoult said that she hoped every last one of her books sold to movie studios would find a good home, grow up to be a strong independent person, and and lead a successful life, but sometimes you find out that it just grew up to be a prostitute, ie My Sister’s Keeper. If you don’t know what I’m alluding to, in short, the ending of My Sister’s Keeper is what makes the book and Hollywood changed the ending and thus ruined the whole point of Picoult’s novel. We also learned that Ellen DeGeneres bought the rights to Sing You Home and that it would be starring, “someone who won an Oscar and who also went down in a sinking ship.” My guess is Kate Winslet although she didn’t win an Oscar for her role in Titanic. 

When it comes to writing, Jodi Picoult said after she’s imagined her characters, after they’ve started gaining full personalities and talking to her, and after all her research, all of this is swirling above her head, like a cloud…,”like a big midwestern tornado that touches down with one opening line.” I love that imagery. 

In the end it was a nice evening. The audience learned how to howl like a wolf and that she co-wrote her first YA novel with her 16-year-old daughter.

After re-reading my newly autographed copy of My Sister’s Keeper and trying out Lone Wolf, Sing You Home will definitely be on my list. Now if only I can just finish that Steve Jobs biography…




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