Top 10 Oscar Predictions for Best Picture ::


Ever since the end of August, I’ve been caught up in what I deem to be Oscar season – the last week of August through early January. I started off slow in my movie watching, then hit my stride through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, with one last sprint after the New Year.

This year (2011 and one month in 2012) I’ve seen about 50 films. And to channel Oscar from Extremely Loud and Incredibly close, I know I’ve seen 50 movies because I went to IMDB and counted them.

For the past two years I’ve played a game, where I try to guess which films The Academy will nominate for best picture. With the new expanded category, up to 10 films may be nominated. For the past two years I’ve gotten nine of 10 correct.

This year’s Oscar race has been a confusing one for me. I missed seeing key films early on and picking the top 10 have been difficult based on what I have seen and what I’ve gleaned from various magazines, articles, and critic’s reviews.

With all this being said, here are the top films I would nominate for The Academy Awards in the category of Best Picture. I’m crossing my fingers folks, and tomorrow we’ll find out what the real nominations will be.

The Short List / My For-Sure Top Four ::

1 – The Artist

2 – The Descendants

3 – Hugo

4 – Bridesmaids

The “Not So Sure but Maybe” Three ::

5 – Moneyball

6 – The Ides of March

7 – The Help

It Probably Will but It Wasn’t That Great in My Opinion ::

8 – Midnight in Paris

And I’m Throwing These Last Two in There Despite My Instincts ::

9 – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

10 – War Horse

I’ll be holding my breath until the Oscar nominations are announced tomorrow morning, but until then ladies and gents, goodnight and good luck. 

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