Here’s to a Fantastic Weekend ::

Thursday morning I got a call from Katie seeing if she could come up this weekend. I immediately said yes. By Friday afternoon I was picking her up from the airport and our first stop was lunch at Blanc Burger. After that we walked around the plaza for a bit, shopping at Anthropologie, Banana Republic, H&M, Gap, and settling down for some coffee at Barnes and Noble surrounded by books. We found that The Lorax was a particularly interesting read. Later that evening we headed over to The Legends to meet up with my family for opening day of George Lucas’ Red Tails.

The next morning we had breakfast at The Farmhouse in the River Market district then headed over to Pryde’s in search of a glass cake dome. To Katie’s surprise she found her Fiesta Ware heaven and with no cake dome to be had, I got a mason jar instead. We wandered over to The Upper Crust and procured a mini French Apple pie that we immediately dug into once we got back to my apartment. Mucho deliciosa!


Remembering that I had free tickets to Yo-Yo Ma’s master class, we headed over to the Kauffman Center and while our seats were technically in the nosebleed section, I think we ended up with the best seat in the house. Loved our view.


After listening to the exquisite musical incantations of the cello for the afternoon, we departed downtown and headed back toward The Legends to meet up with my family once more and Suni. 

We saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, but first we stepped into Claire’s and we tried on some fun specs and Katie got some kid friendly earrings for her job. We all concluded the evening at Red Lobster for dinner and Nate and Judy were having the most in depth story time.


Sunday morning, we kicked it Lazy Sunday style and baked cookies with Rango and Beginners playing in the background. We had lunch at Fran’s (a glorified Denny’s with a nice, retro interiror) and then sadly, it was time for Katie to return home. 



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