oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ::

Bridget and I had an impromptu baking session tonight and we decided to try some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. After looking online, we finally settled on the Baker girl's recipe and got to work.

I'm always impressed by how food photographers style their subjects, so channeling my inner Athena Plichta, Bridget and I set to work, rearranging and styling, trying to capture the essence of our delicious cookies.

In the end we had a good time with a delectable dessert and Shatto Milk…then of course I had to run it through Instagram! 


















One thought on “oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ::

  1. <div>Uhhh, you may have to bring that recipe too.  That's your DA's favorite cookie and I tried making them once, but failed.  Maybe you can give me a lesson or two while you are here.  the pics look great.  Taking a break between cleaning greens!</div> <div> </div> <div>Love, Mom<br><br></div>

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