a very harry potter introduction :: part 2


Saturday night the Harry Potter induction gang reconvened and bestowed upon our HP ignorant friend Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban. This time however, we stepped it up a bit.

After reassuring Lisa that Dobby was not an annoying woodland creature and in fact an endearing house elf and re-explaining that the food that appears in the Great Hall is real food, Lisa actually got emotionally attached and scared of the happenings within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It was entertaining trying to explain the weight of the word “mudblood” or why Professor Lupin was a badass because the movies gave him a disservice. Lisa constantly referred to Sirius Black as, “dude with messed up teeth,” and kept ripping into Ron’s moronic behavior. Don’t worry Lisa, he’ll grow into it.

Elsewhere we witnessed Lisa’s (and Ron’s) fear of snakes as she morphed into the fetal position as the sight of Argog and she deemed Tom Riddle hot despite the fact that he becomes a hideous murderer of wizards later in life.

Character names, however, proved the most challenging to our dear friend. Buckbeak, mandrake roots, Hagrid, and Dumbledore gave Lisa the most trouble and while she’s convinced Hermione and Harry will end up together, I can’t wait for her to watch Goblet of Fire and all the adolescent, romantic tension it entails.

To convince Lisa that the adventure of Harry Potter is worth the time and effort, we offered her a “surprise” if she could make it to the third movie. With the introduction of the often-used patronus charm, Matt presented us with premium tequila that appropriately goes by the name Patrón.


 So with Ginny and Hermione rising in Lisa’s eyes, a couple of shots of Patrón later, and the promise of teen awkwardness in Goblet of Fire, I’d say that our friend, on her enlightened Harry Potter journey, is in for a bumpy ride!

Oh! And how can I forget that wonderful batch of butterbeer! Thanks Matt!





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