a very harry potter introduction ::


Saturday night, we took it upon ourselves to induct our dear friend Lisa into the magical world of Harry Potter. We ordered pizza, uncorked a couple of bottles of wine, and popped in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. But given the fact that we were drinking, and the wizarding world was quite a culture shock to Lisa, a slew of funny quotes came from watching the children’s flick.

Lisa: (of Dumbledore and McGonagall) Are those old people that baby’s parents?
Caity: (ashamed) No Lisa, no.

Lisa: (as Hagrid puts baby Harry on the Dursley’s porch) Oh my gosh I guessed it! That baby’s Harry Potter!

Caity: (as we see Ginny) Don’t worry, she’ll get prettier.

Caity: (referring to Hermione) is that what your hair looked like in high school?
Lisa: More or less, yes. 
Caity: That’s you, Lisa. 
Lisa: I’m not sure how I feel about that.
Caity: Lisa! It’s because she’s the smart one! 

Lisa: I get it! Harry Potter is like Cinderella! 

Lisa: What’s that? A hut of stone?!

Caity: No! That’s Hagrid’s hut you whore!

Lisa: This Hermione chick is kind of a bitch.

Matt: The first two movies are kind of bad. Wait until you get to #3
Mia: Number three is my favorite! But the movies get way better after #2
Cait: And wait to you see the patronus!
Lisa: The what?
Matt: Yeh! We’ll get some patron for when we get to the patronus charm movie!
All: Agreed!

Lisa: Why do they have trolls in the castle?
Caity: They don’t.
Lisa: Then why is one wrecking havoc?
Caity: Pay attention! It’s because it got out!

Lisa: (seeing food appear in the Great Hall) Oh I see, it’s like they imagine food like in Hook.
Caity: It’s actual food; the food’s magical, it just appears.
Lisa: So it’s wizard food?
Mia: No, it’s real food!

Stay tuned for when we watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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