‘Bringing Mystery Ball to Life’

This post originally appeated on the Red Nova Labs Marketing Blog on Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

In our efforts to promote the excitement around the Mystery Ball release, the Red Nova Labs marketing department decided it would be both neat and effective to send out customized Mystery Ball boxes to the top 10 app review sites, including IGN and TechCrunch. With input from Mystery Ball’s creator David Howe, the project was set in motion.

The first challenge revolved around how to make the virtual, steampunk world of Mystery Ball apparent in a physical form. We headed to Hobby Lobby and lucked out on finding some gold brass clasp boxes that we would later paint a darker brown and finish with varnish. Next was figuring out how to take the virtual characters of Mr. Pail and Mr. Thud and bringing them into reality; the professor’s goggles also came into play. Lastly, we needed to tie the contents of the boxes in some how and Nadine came up with the idea of placing little riddles in each box alluding to  FRED’s enemies and tools. The boxes also included a promo code so that reviewers could download the game from the app store and give it a whirl.

In the end, we created some pretty nifty product boxes and all 10 were shipped off in anticipation of the  Mystery Ball Game launch. 













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