Brenda’s French Soul Food :: 652 Polk Street, San Francisco

I started off my first, work-free morning of San Francisco with some breakfast. After about a 20 minute walk from the hotel, and a cool 60 degrees in the air, I graciously walked through the humble front door of Brenda's French Soul Food. The name is what sold me. After asking the concierge what the best breakfast places were within walking distance, I jumped at the chance to try some of my ancestor's style of cooking. 

When you first walk in the small space, you're greeted with a small jar of chalk and asked to write your name and number of your party on the board. As the morning rush came through, the waiters (most in hipster fashion and black half aprons) would look at the board, call the name, and promptly pick up the eraser. 

Wanting to try everything on the menu I started with a fresh squeezed glass of OJ and an order of beignets – my first! Oh my gosh they were so delicious! Soon after I couldn't resist the beautiful and mysterious, ruby colored sauce and promptly spooned some onto my plate for my beignets. Best choice I made that morning. Next I ordered a small plate of eggs (a breakfast must) and the french toast, "Three thick slices of cinnamon-battered brioche with butter pecan sauce." Amazing. 







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