Mastin + Oh, Darling!

During my lunch break at the office or right before a Gap shift sitting in a Starbucks on a Sunday morning, I like to scourge the internet, looking for new photographers to follow. This week, I found Mastin Studio and Oh, Darling!

The man behind Mastin Studio has a photojournalism background (a plus!) and approaches his shoots on the basis of wanting to tell a story. I’ve watched his promotional video and have gone through a lot of his galleries, and I have to say this one session at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle really caught my attention. Balancing between a Ralph Lauren ad and giving the couple a distinct personality, I believe Mastin Studio really captured the essence of who this couple is. Plus, I’m in love with the rich, classic color palette he used!

More typical in form of wedding photography, Oh, Darling! expertly pulls of the whimsical tone with each couple. Their work reminds me a lot of W. Scott Chester’s photography, but I couldn’t look away from this beautifully shot photograph. 




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