Another Adventure in Graphic Design

Every time I am asked to “design” something for a family member or friend, both a wash of anxiety and excitement flood over me. Why? Because I am not a graphic designer, yet I yearn to be one. My latest project has been placed before me by my mother. The task :: to create two spirit book ads for my brother’s HS athletic book. One will be from “the family” and the other from our grandmother. Usually I would have a witty retort at such a request like, “Why can’t you do it yourself,” or question my responsibility on the matter. But on the basis of family pride and not really caring for the stay at home mom’s who think Powerpoint is the ultimate creative tool, I accepted this challenge and tried my darnest not to make it look like it came out of some Microsoft Office software program. In the end, I chose to utilize the brilliance of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and while I know I haven’t reached its full potential, I still hope that the design I came away with at the end of the day shows up the kids’ ads whose moms are head of the PTA and demand that mothers’ like mine show up for 3pm meetings knowing full well that mothers like mine have a full time job in order to provide for their respective families…but I digress. Below is a sprinkling of “proofs” that I submitted to my lovely mother who commissioned me for this project and I’m curious to see which ad she’ll choose to represent my brother in “the book.”




2 thoughts on “Another Adventure in Graphic Design

  1. You are a sweet daughter to really do this stuff for your mom. I think she will really like these designs because they are wonderful. And I love the messages that you wrote. Goodluck on your brother and everything is so adorable!

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