The Boy Within :: John Lasseter + Esquire


One of my coworkers at the office brought to my attention that John Lasseter, mastermind, creator, founder and director at Pixar recently sat down with Tom Junod, a writer from Esquire Magazine. I immediately had to get my hands on the article entitled, "Father of Year." The tag line reads, "People are worried about the state of boys in America. For almost twenty years, though, John Lasseter and Pixar have been helping boys grow into good men. Everything is going to fine."

Before I was even done with the first page, I couldn't help but tear up a bit over one paragraph. It surmises, in quite accurate detail, what I feel it means to truly follow your dreams and be successful at doing what you love. What it means to live as an adult with the sound, exorbitant imagination of a child coursing through you with every boring, mundane mature step you take. 

When describing Lasseter, and his unyielding sense of boyhood wonder, Junod wrote:

He's a man who has found power and wealth beyond his dreams doing what he always dreamed of doing when he was a boy. He is afraid that power and wealth will corrupt those dreams, and so he structures his entire life around staying pure, around staying innocent, around staying, at heart, a boy. To the extent that he has become famous, he is famous for his boyishness, for his determined preservation of his own childlike qualities, for his love of toys and trains. But he is fifty-four years old, a man forced to live, increasingly, in a man's world. How does he remain a boy? And how does a man committed to remaining a boy also manage to teach boys how to become men?

Read the full article here. Can also be found in the June/July edition of Esquire. Buy a magazine. Support a journalist.

So here's to the romantic dreamers who strive to tell their story, to hang onto their childhood's sense of wonder, and who challenge themselves by not slipping all the way into the reality of a grownup world. Here's to Neverland, to Hogwarts, and that magical place in all of us where we believe dreams still come true.

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