Betsy Ross’ House


First stop on my historical Philadelphia list was the Betsy Ross House; I needed to put my 8th grade US History class to the test. After paying a $2 entrance fee, and rounding the narrow brick lane to the main part of the house, I found myself on one of those self guided tours. Room after room it went, plaques educating me with little details like how to make your own gun powder kit and that Betsy Ross' real name was Elizabeth Claypoole, until finally I stumbled into Betsy Ross herself. Ok ok, it was an impersonator, and a dern good one at that. Even though I was the only one in the room, this skilled early 30-something actress would not break character. She also spoke with an English accent. Betsy filled me in on how she ran her upholstery shop and how brave it was of her to make the flag with the red coats right under her nose. She even went as far as to demonstrate how she came to make the five-pointed star instead of the six-pointed star (believe me it's a huge difference) and she let me keep the example. In the end, I was glad to have gone inside the Betsy Ross House, but after my departure, and with the sun still rising, I headed across the brick road for some Starbucks coffee and slice of lemon pound cake. 


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