The Cashew

My friend Suni called me up and told me about a festive place where we could go and watch the KU game against Boston. After some GPS magic and discovering it was only 15 minutes away from my office, we arrived at The Cashew with twenty minutes to spare before tipoff.

It was pretty calm and sparse when we walked in and we snagged a table with a good view of the television. After we ordered our beers I decided to take a look around. The place was unique, to say the least, with a celebrity mug shot themed photo booth, creepy holograms greeting you as you exited the bathroom, and all the bartenders wearing the exact same pair of boots. I ventured upstairs too where another full service bar was in full swing with rowdy KU fans decked out in Jayhawk gear and already beginning the night’s festivities.

Walking back down I mentioned the atmosphere upstairs, but we decided to watch the game over beers and quesadillas on the main floor in order to hear the television better.

After we, the mighty Jayhawks, defeated Boston, we stepped outside The Cashew and greeted the warm night air. We took a walk down Grand Boulevard, spent time at Crown Center, and eventually found ourselves at the historic Union Station.

The Cashew 2000 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64108 :: 816 221 5858, Crown Center 2450 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64108 :: 816 274 8444, Union Station 30 West Pershing Rd Kansas City, MO. 64108 :: 816 460 2020



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