Shoot the Moon [1]


According to friends and news reports, the moon is really close to the earth. I stepped outside my cousin's door, ready to go home, when we both spotted the moon and looked up in awe. "It's creepy," my cousin said, alluding to halloween as we viewed it through bare tree branches. "It's like in the movies," I observed. No image could do it justice.
Naturally, I raced home to get my DSLR and tripod and not thirty minutes later I was trying to capture its essence.
And while most articles say to shoot at least with a 300mm zoom, I with only 250mm set out to try anyways.
My settings were: ISO at 800, f-stop at 5.6 and shutter speed at 1/400 s.

What the Chicago Sun Times had to say:
'The full moon this weekend wasn’t just any old full moon. It appeared larger and brighter as it made its closest approach to Earth in 18 years.Scientists estimate the “supermoon” was 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter at its peak.Full moons vary in size because of the oval shape of its orbit, with one end closer to Earth. On Saturday, the moon was 221,565 miles away — the closest to Earth since March 1993.This celestial phenomenon should give people an excuse to take time out for the moon.' Read the full article here


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