Retro Blog 3. January 27, 2010. “The Real ’88 Lens”



Taken from ’88Lens

“After much thought and an obvious conclusion, this bog will showcase my photography along with photographs (along with their photographers) that I find interesting.

So, we will start out with this right here.


photos were taken after my professor gave us one word: Fall

At first, I began to photograph leaves and what not, but from a photojournalist perspective I knew a human element was needed.

 I grabbed some housemates (no, I do not live in a sorority) of mine and we marched up to the community campus garden.

 I especially liked how Tian’s white dress and red scarf added contrast to the rich fall leaves.

It turned out to be a fun photo shoot…

Tian thought so too…
By the way, this was all done with a simple Canon Rebel XS, 18-55mm f/3.5

And of course Ale had to show off her guns

This is it for post 1 of the real 88 Lens”

Photos originally appeared in between comments




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