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Turbulence is Evil


Flight AA1069
Kansas City to DFW

I’m in row 19F. If I weren’t a fan of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower or Abram’s LOST, the number 19 would mean nothing to me. But because of my fandom, I am forced to consider the nearly impossible…

What does it mean to be a college graduate in 2010? That’s what I wanted my next entry to be about.

I feel like I should have meaning, be full of wisdom, but instead, I’m just an empty cup. All of my life I was told I had purpose, some destiny to fulfill, when in reality I should have been focusing on practical skills that could translate into the “real” world of American society. According to Eye Weekly’s article “Welcome to Your Quarterlife Crisis”, millennials are primarily the first generation to feel entitled to something more. We expect too much and often achieve too little. We are the dreamers, the hopeless romantics that dream a dream that I’m afraid life will ruin. Yes. I just alluded to Les Miserables, a show I’ve never seen…

But who am I to throw in the towel so early? After all, we millennials are still breaking ground and planting the seeds for a new future. We dictate consumerism and pick up where our boomer forefathers (and mothers) have either given up or left off. Playing into the idealism that is inherit in us, me, the millennial demographic, we still can dictate our destinies…but will we? Are we brave enough to try or will we play the copycat to those before us?

I am fortunate in the fact that I am a fresh college graduate with a job. After all, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Gain employment and contribute to society.? Is it so selfish to take control of our own lives and make what we want of it? Patience, the boomers tell us, but has patience rewarded them? Wait and you will see. The meek will inherit the earth. I’m starting to see the old adage unfold before me: youth is wasted on the young.

They say money isn’t everything, but from where I’m standing, money is prohibiting me from grad school, traveling the world, etc. But to get money, one must work for it. And to work for money, you gotta be employed. And to be employed, you must have skills which in turn are trained and nurtured at an educational institution…

I’m going somewhere with this…somewhere…

I also don’t agree with limiting of what I can and cannot say because of affiliations I may or may not hold with my employer, family, friends, etc. Therefore, I shall stop here and let you think about your own lives. Be true to yourself, they say; but what about rent and food? And although my own mantra is, “Just because it is doesn’t mean it should be”, well, I’ve yet to find my inner Strider (LOTR).

If you want to know more of what I’m thinking, just ask, but until then, just keep on surviving…

The above picture was taken 35,000 ft above the solid earth.