Shooting Baseball for the First Time

As I walked up to Hoagland Ballpark for the first time with my Canon slung around me and somehow balancing a 300, I noticed something: I couldn’t see over the fence. Normally this would not bother me, but because the media platform was full and was forced to take photos from ground level over the fence, this posed a problem. First I went to the corner of the gate that separated the media platform from the dugout but was told to move. Then I tried standing on my photo editor’s paint bucket seat, but alas, I’m heavier than I thought. Finally, I took the ladder leading up to the platform for myself and shot two innings standing atop that. By the top of the third inning, one of the photogs wanted down and so I had to return the ladder. He never returned and so at the bottom of the third I took  his spot. Next to me was the big wig photog at Kansas Athletics (Jeff) and to my right and below my editor kept shooting with his 400 and monopod that he thinks is, “Worth crap. Just crap!”
But alas, I learned that baseball was different than softball (softball is better and more exciting and easier to shoot) and I walked away with some unconventional photos.

All of these are property of the University Daily Kansan…the photos, not this post.



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